Saturday, September 19, 2009


thanx syahida! huhu...

5 facts bout her..

- her name is syahida masri
- she's a sweet girl from KUSISS (previously)
- she got a really pure heart (at least she's not as CRUEL as me.. haha..)
- she worked hard to succeed
- she's so into blogging and she has all the time to update her blog

10 facts bout me..

- in love with PINK and i'm a princess
- currently, no one got the place in my heart
- hope to find a prince charming
- really love my family
- a dedicated shopaholic
- love ferrari enzo coz it's fast
- really want to get 9A1s in the upcoming SPM
- so into cheese
- got 3 wonderful boys as bestfriends
- i love you!! huhu

10 recipients

- amir -u're my blogger bro
- fadhli - u're the most amazing bestfriend i've ever had
- syahida - u gave me this!
- as-syuhada - u put my name in ur post.. that i sleep in class.. huhu
- hajar - we share lots of stuffs.. haha
- anep - thanx for the +maths! huhu~
- skbns - i miss u all!
- kusissians - i love u all!
- phalanxer - i had a great time wif all of u
- you - coz u're reading this.. huhu~

*p/s : i really love u all!!