Thursday, December 27, 2012

For 05081014 01 2013. Bismillah :)

lol (_ _!)

I guess I'll just have to suck em all

Assalamualaikum and pleasant evening everyone!

To the main point, my final exam is just around the corner. It'll start on the 5th of January 2013 and yes, it's 9 days away! >_<
So I'll be off from blogging until the exam week is over which is 14th January 2013.
Till then, I'll work hard and pray hard and do my best. Wish me luck! Adios! ^_~

*p/s: Happy New Year 2013 in advance! 

Friday, December 21, 2012


Que pasa! So our 1st semester has ended. Not officially though since we haven't had our final exam yet but no more classes and we're currently in our revision period. gyaaa me feelin so nervous liddat yknow~ I don't have nothing much to say actually. So yeah, the end of this PBL 20 and everyone will be sorted into different PBL groups next semester. sobss will miss you people sobss especially the coolest ever Dr Niveen. Told you what, you'll feel so blessed to have her as your tutor. Really. Made us laughed and enjoyed all the time. Dah lah member PBL semua pun memang huha habis. So tak pernah stress nak datang PBL every Sunday and Monday. Kudos PBL 20! :D

weeeeee young doctors ;3
from left; Mun, Tikah, Iffat, Dr Niveen, yours truly, Ermin, Fathia, Farhana
*oh tak, bukan semua perempuan saja dalam pbl ni. malahan masa 1st week dulu semua lelaki except moi sobsobss thank God masuk 2nd week muncul perempuan-perempuan lain fewwhh you don't know how relieved was I haha. Cuma hari last hari tu tak amik pulak gambar budak lelaki terlupa ;p

Our beautiful Dr Niveen! We'll miss you. Big time. :(
*I remembered when I wanted to snap this picture she said that she's gonna make me suffer sebab berapa banyak gambar snap baru dia satisfied haha.*

this was taken last 2 weeks when I brought some chocolate pavlova to class. so pretty isn't she? ;3

All of us trying to fit into Tykah's webcam. 
top from left; Izzat, Aiman, Imtinan, Amir, Firdaus, Hanis, Ermin, Iffat
bottom from left; Tykah, Haziq, Mun, Dr Niveen, Farhana, Fathia
*Raidah couldn't managed to squeeze in though. And Haikal was absent. He went for bersuka-ria at Cairo ;p
Sandwiched #1

Sandwiched #2

Sandwiched #3

Sandwiched #4

Sandwiched #5

Sandwiched #6

Sandwiched #7

Sandwiched #8

Sandwiched #9
TeamHitamMerah #1
*farhana looked somewhere else and tykah said gatal eh hahahah. *because she's looking at the boys. farhana that is. ;p

TeamHitamMerah #2
yours truly and beautiful Tykah

And what were we doing, again? -____-"

Finally the real SANDWICHES hahaha. Made by Tykah. Yummy!

La Poire walnut chocolate cake. Treat from Dr Niveen. Thank you Dr! ;)

Mun's Tiramisu yeayyss!

Ermin's trifle omnomnomnom

wuwuwuwuuww lapar tak tengok gambar2 ni hikhiks
*I personally tak sempat nak masak anything untuk korang sebab as usual my weekends are always beyond hectic so sorry :(


haaaa macam makcik makcik dah memasing makan makan gosip gosip segala hewhewhew

So the end of pibielduakosong. really had a great time throughout this semester. thank you so so much korang. for everything. lepas ni semua pun busy dengan benda lain pulak with the exam and new semester and new pbl group and busy balik malaysia or jalan jalan winter break so on and so forth anyhooos all the best for you people and I love you all and I'm truly gonna miss each and everyone of you. Really. Thanks for making me feel somewhat like home and most important, sorry that I got grumpy at times heeee hope to keep in touch with all of you insyaAllah. Till then, farewell! ;')

*ehhh tetiba? haha*

ootd. feeling so festive idk why haha. same ol' outfit worn again and again. because this is egypt not malaysia. means that i've been here for mere 3 months only so baju belum banyak mana hihii. and mama said, agak2 ada tak classmates yang still mengantuk with all those bright colours I love to wear. hahaha. ;p *btw I so love that mittens and I went back to the boutique few days ago to buy another 2 pairs. I was holding back though rasa nak beli semua colour ahhh so tempting!! >_<

Okay dah I better pen off now and pergi belajar final exam lagi limabelas hari *geletar geletar kecuakan* Mohon doakan saya dapat mumtaz dan dapat nombor SATU dalam batch tahu. *it's okay to dream even further than the MACS0647-JD galaxy though haha* 

Okay okay dah boiiyyee!! ^_~

Thursday, December 20, 2012

And they smiled! :D

Bonjour! Straight to the main point je lah, last week I joined the MTS (Make Them Smile) Project. I know, basi already right. But lantak lah. Hahaha. Well, I don't really participated from the start though. Dah hari last baru join. Senior Safwan tu kata apsal kau tak buat aku happy awal awal kalau join dari 1st day kan bagus. Hahaha. Ampun senior ampun ada hal lain hewhewhewhew ;p Okay dah. Basically, this project is to make people smile. Yes. Obviously. The name says it all. And this time, we ought to remake the 6th floor of Mansoura Children Hospital and make it more urm how to put it, ceria i suppose? Btw, kak Arina and kak Nad actually invited me to participate. And kite sensorang je tau 1st year student yang join tu. But nahh I had fun anyways ;3 Really. I love these kinda things. So here's some visuals.

taraaaa! Cantik tak cantik tak? hihihii. 

The castle was drawn by kak Nad and painted by both of us. The stalk was drawn by someone else and Safwan kot and painted by Safwan jugak kot. The leaves were done by yours truly *ehem* and the cloud tak tahu lah pulak hee.

the whole thing

By the time kena paint that burung (they said it's a stork) and that baby casper tahap ikhlas dan komited semakin merudum sebab kepala dah bengong bengong and mata pun dah menzombie and perut pun dah nyanyi nyanyi and it's nearly midnight dah pun anyways, maka nampak sangat casper tu kitorang malas dah nak shade bagai tepek je colour gitu haihhh not good -_-"

tengok tuuu pakai jari pun boleh tauu~~

Van Gogh and Monet

Nail polish anyone?

jyeaahh kasi tonyoh lubang hidung dia *hengseng suparman ni siapa lukis taktau*

leprechaun beneath the rainbow

lil miss chesire *ikut suka aku je tukar jantina dia -.-'

encik roti ginger dan isteri

unggas-unggas kemarahan

*sneak peak* ehhh? dah penat main cat ada orang masakkan pula hewhewhew macam tau tau saja perut hanis punya perasaan hewhewhewhewww

Though Hanis join pun masa final day je I really really really did enjoy myself. Happy sangat! Lain kali nak conteng conteng dinding segala ni ajak je Hanis lagi. I'd be glad. Till then, Oyasumi! ;3

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Olla! Just a quick post. Waking up in a temperature of 11 degree celcius is not something so usual if you grew up and lived your whole life in Malaysia despite the occasional getaways to winter countries. So yeah. it's getting more and more beku here in Egypt and I'm typing this while shivering at the same time >_< 

Long story short, actually I did forgot to wear a winter coat or any warm clothes this morning when I went to class. Skinny jeans and a shirt are so not winter. But really, I forgot! What was I thinking Idk. Maybe sebab this morning our class was shifted and it started at 8 instead of the usual 8.30 and by the time I got this info it's already past 7 am T_T so I just sped up like mad and just grabbed whatever outfit there was and rushed to class! Without the winter coat that is. Seriously taknak buat gini dah beku gila wehh.

LOL Hanis what was this in the middle of winter (_ _!)
*senyum pun pelik semacam dah muka tahan gigil*

See? Mohon jangan contohi perempuan ini. Anda pasti menyesal. Pasti. Okay dah. Nak pergi rewang untuk kenduri aqiqah anak Kak Najwa, baby Solah. Byebye! Assalamualaikum :D

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Wedding!

Awww what a lovely post today maybe? 
Okay so here's me.

Not. Of course. ;p

Here it is.
On me; Black umbrella-cut abaya and matching shayla, Chanel-esqued clutch from ALDO. 
*of course my hands are not black that were gloves i was wearing fyi ;p*

Close-up. Bambam ;p

Close-up; details on the dress!

Me with Yana. While waiting for our cabs.

So last week, 28th November 2012, I was invited to attend an Egyptian wedding. Well to conclude, it is, quite different from the usual Malay weddings I used to attend. Them Egyptians don't really eat during the wedding receptions. At most, they'll have confectioneries or halawiyat we call it here, and soft drinks. 

These are some of the halawiyat here; Basbousa, Kunafa, Zalabyah, Balah El-Shaam, Sweet Gullash

You won't believe me but yes, all they do is just dancing, dancing, and dancing all night long. Ooohhh of course you can tell, me loving it so much yaww! And yes, I did dance the whole night that night and I had fun! Really! Please do invite me again some other times hewhewhew. Btw, here are some photos. But since I was dancing throughout the whole night, so there's not much photos that I was able to capture ;3

Me with Nuha (the girl in pink) and 2 other girls

I danced with Nuha that whole night. On the stage, yes. Haha. Btw can you guess how old is Nuha? Okay at first I thought she's like maybe 16 or 17 years old. But then she told us that she's 13! Okay that's quite a surprise already. Then, later that night, when her brother Mahmoud, who invited us in the first place, brought us for a very late dinner at CFC, firstly he said to me that Nuha like me very much. Well I think probably because I can converse in Arabic a bit so she felt comfortable to chat with me. Then when I asked him again, how old is she, he told us that she's 10 actually. We was like, what?! TEN years old and she's the same size as me already?! Whoaa. And our friend, Izzat, who's like having a crush on her, well she had a crush on Izzat too, and I was sort of being their translator that night. LOL Izzat and Nuha -.-' Btw Izzat please don't get dissappointed just because she's too young hahaha. 

This is Izzat. Muka penat kot time ni dah midnight rasanya masing2 melangut je tunggu tremco.

Btw, here's throughout the wedding. Well not really. Before I went onstage to dance that is. ;p

Me with Keel.

Me With Sarah.

From Left ; Balqis, Sarah, Hanis, Keel, Shafinaz.

The performer. Cannot capture it nicely lah he was spinning too fast for too long and I only have my phone camera at that time so here's the best I could get. 

Those were the bride and groom. The ones in the suit and the white dress.
*This lil boy; like a boss sitting front there on the stage -.-'

So that's all lah the pictures that I have. Because afterwards I was dancing hewhewhew. The wedding ended at about nearly 12am. So it's not easy to get a cab you know. What more 5 cabs. So in the end, Mahmoud kinda rented a tremco for us. *Tremco is a van, which is one of the main public transport used by civilians here, in Egypt, where you can fit it as many people as you like and the ride really feels like you're actually on one of the roller coasters in USS -.-* And so this was what happened.

You do the caption for me. More or less 24 of us in one tremco which usually fits for 10 to 12 people at one time. -.-'

Since there's no heavy meal at all throughout the night, I think Mahmoud really understand that we might be starving. So he treated us with CFC after the reception. Midnight that was. How nice of him!

Us! *famished*

Btw did I mention that it's winter here? And it's nearly 1am some more? Freezing. Eyebags. Worn-out. Starving. LututLonggarMenariBanyakSangat. *nuffsaid*

And so I think that's the end of that night. We had fun. Really. Well at least I did. Nice meeting you Mahmoud and not to forget Nuha, and of course the bride, Mahmoud's sister *whom I forgot the name. Asif giddan! T_T

Ehhhhh? The brat named Melati that is. Hahaha. I wore this to class last Monday. Because jubah, skinny jeans, and sneakers being worn together is cool liddat ;p

So till then, adios! :D