Saturday, April 16, 2011

lucky draw at 3 f's

hey all! i've joined a lucky draw.. hopefully to be lucky enough.. hehe.. i'd love to have the novels.. so, my choice; LD1 & LD2.. =)

lucky draw at 3 f's by ajjah; 

here's what you need to do:

1. choose which of the above that you would like to get as your gift (one of the five items)

2. leave your comment stating your choice of gift, name & e-mail address

3. everyone will get one chance of lucky draw, but for those with blog who write an entry or twit about this lucky draw and link the entry to this post will get to choose two gifts. if you write an entry or twit, (in malay or english) please leave your url too tau lovelies.. 

4. and owh this lucky draw thingy is solely for 3f's followers from today till  april 26th, 2011 ya. tq lovelies
LD 1 & LD 2; novels by Sophie Kinsella
LD 3 & LD 4; silk shawls
LD 5; braided belt


Thursday, April 14, 2011

you don't need to read.

positive.. positive.. positive.. positive..
think positive hanis dear..
look at the bright side..
**though, hanis da penat sgt senyum and pretend to be fine all the time.. you may say, takde org suruh pn hanis pretend apa2. tapi, kalau hanis tak pretend mcm ni, awak ingat hanis akan bole keep strong ke? not that easy.**

*p/s: lately entry semua mcm apa sbb lately mood pun sentiasa mcm apa je.. sorry for all kind of redundancies..

i'll try to keep smiling no matter how hard it is.. =)

Friday, April 8, 2011


hanis tiba-tiba terasa nak menangis. taktau kenapa. feels uneasy. tak sedap hati kot. chill hanis. jangan mengadu kat siapa-siapa. tak boleh. jangan mengadu tau. ingat, hanis pernah cakap apa dulu? "hanis akan try untuk tak ngadu kat awak dah lepas ni.." hanis, chill. takde apa2 sangat tu. jangan menangis. jangan sedih. jangan cari dia. nnt hanis susahkan dia je. jangan kacau dia. hanis, you're strong, right? tahan okay. sikit je ni. hanis, senyum okay? ;')


yes, i am proud of you my dear lovelies.. you, you, you, you, you, you, and of course you.. jadi, keep on smiling okay? smile mcm hanis **orang kata infectious**.. haha.. i love you~ ;)