Saturday, July 23, 2011



I'm losing you.
How pathetic I am.

To others I'll say,
This is just a problem of a boy. He's not the only boy alive.
To myself I know,
He's a big pit-stop in my life and I won't stop believing until I don't even know when.

You're one hardcore, you know that, boy?
That makes me stay.

You told me that I'm better off without you?
You're wrong, but you're probably right.

You told me that I deserve someone better?
You're right, but you're probably wrong.

I never asked for a perfect prince charming,
But I only want someone good enough for me.
Someone that can make a bloom out of a faded me.
You fulfill that.
You're a very very ruthless lad, my Lancelot.
But I'm grateful for that.
At least knowing you made me realize that there're living beings around me, and it's not all about my one and only self.
You know what I mean.

But I know I'm not that good to wish for someone good.
I made mistakes.
Big ones.
I've come to realize that all these times I may give you wealth, vanity, sadness or happiness.
But I never give you time.
I forgot that, relationship-wise,
Only time is capable of understanding how valuable Love is.
This is my biggest fault.

I know it's too late.
I know the chances are over.
I know no matter how much I apology or regret, things just won't be as good as they used to be.

But I also know that I can always rely my hopes on Him.
I know He'll give me back what I've lost.
He knows me best, and He never let me down.
I know He won't disappoint me.
I know He knows what I want and He'll give me that.

I hope, I wish, I'll be waiting.
No matter how long it takes.
Life's been beautiful.
Thank You, and you.

Friday, July 8, 2011

hate that i love you

you make me feel bad.

day by day, i hate you even more.

please don't make me.

because afterwards, i'll love you like i don't want to.

since i know i'll get hurt.