Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I know I know it's been too long already it's been like ages, right? Biggest apology. I promise I'll write down every details of what's been going on and such here. Little by little that is. ;3

So here we go. Here's what i wore to class today. 

*P/S: Sorry for the not-so-high quality pictures i don't know why.

On me: grey Terranova batwing top (got this piece for just LE 9 instead of LE 139 original price! really really huge win! *they're having a promotion at that time so buy any 2 items and get the 3rd one for LE 9 only. I'm kinda a sale magnet, am i not? ;3); H&M skinny grey acid-washed jeans (got this for LE 50 instead of LE 199 original price! another big win! sale all the way! :D); purple multi-style cardigan from HoneyNara ; black ALDO Desadier-92 high-cut sneakers (got this for LE 180 instead of LE 439 original price. lol too much wins in today's outfit i guess. haha) ; reversible two-sided dustpink-grey shawl (bought at sikkah here in mansoura. it's heaven i'm telling you because there's just too much to choose from and with a really really good price! and this shawl is extra wide too. and i mean, really wide. so i love this piece! :D) ; grey hobo bag from Cotton-On (again, got it for MYR 19 instead of MYR 49. hehehee told ya i'm a promotion magnet. ;p)

So today, we were supposed to have a practical session in the lab at 10.30am-12.30pm. but we waited. and waited. and waited. and waited. oh it's 11.30am already and so suddenly the session was cancelled. and we have another lousy hour to wait until the next session, PBL session, which started at 12.30pm. So we were actually happy this morning. Not. -.-'

So can I just like pen-off first for now hikhiks because it's already 10.23pm and so I'm all sleepy. Promise I'll write again tomorrow. So till then, Bon Nuit! ;D

*P/S/S: It's WINTER yeayy! :D

Love, Hanis.