Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Olla! Just a quick post. Waking up in a temperature of 11 degree celcius is not something so usual if you grew up and lived your whole life in Malaysia despite the occasional getaways to winter countries. So yeah. it's getting more and more beku here in Egypt and I'm typing this while shivering at the same time >_< 

Long story short, actually I did forgot to wear a winter coat or any warm clothes this morning when I went to class. Skinny jeans and a shirt are so not winter. But really, I forgot! What was I thinking Idk. Maybe sebab this morning our class was shifted and it started at 8 instead of the usual 8.30 and by the time I got this info it's already past 7 am T_T so I just sped up like mad and just grabbed whatever outfit there was and rushed to class! Without the winter coat that is. Seriously taknak buat gini dah beku gila wehh.

LOL Hanis what was this in the middle of winter (_ _!)
*senyum pun pelik semacam dah muka tahan gigil*

See? Mohon jangan contohi perempuan ini. Anda pasti menyesal. Pasti. Okay dah. Nak pergi rewang untuk kenduri aqiqah anak Kak Najwa, baby Solah. Byebye! Assalamualaikum :D

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