Wednesday, November 19, 2008

c0nfessi0n 0f a princess

hyee all...

i'm nashihin hanis ismail.. u may call me sheheen, haneez.. whatever u wish t0.. but make sure i like it.. date 0f birth, 4th september 1992.. live in shah alam.. currently studying in SBPI Rawang (08-09).. f0rmerly studying in Tadika Seri Anggerik (97-98).. SK Bukit Naga (99-04).. SMKA Kuala Selangor (05-07).. I'm the eldest and have 3 y0unger br0s.. yup, i'm the 0ne and 0nly princess.. haha.. i dunn0 what else t0 say.. i think that's all b0ut me.. 0ne m0re thing.. always live life fabul0usly.. adi0s~

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