Saturday, April 10, 2010

my JPA interview 2010

DATE : 5th APRIL 2010
TIME : 2.00 pm

yg ni.. my 3rd experience gone through interview.. 1st one.. UTP.. using my trial result.. 2nd one was Yayasan Sime Darby Sponsorship.. trial result jugak.. UTP o0ke lahh.. tp since aq nk wat medic and that educamp give me one priceless experience.. thanx UTP!! huhu.. and that YSD was undeniably a tough one.. i didn't make it to the final level.. but still.. it is a really g0od experience..

0oke.. back to the main point.. JPA interview.. aq g sane.. knowing no one there.. ye lahh.. umah shah alam mengada nk buat interview kt seremban.. memang aa xkan jmpe sape2.. haha.. then, firstly.. signed my attendance kt noticeboard yg ade namelist candidates.. then.. aq dpt panel 2.. at first aq satu group dgn 4 other malay girls.. best lahh jugak.. ye lahh.. sume pmpn.. mcm lg comfy je.. then, aq kne tuka g group laen.. sbb x balanced.. waaaaaa... haha.. tp xpe.. aq.. lg sorg malay girl.. 2 indian girls.. 1 chinese boy.. luckily all of them nicee laa jugak.. sng nk sembang.. huhu.. even the chinese boy pn oke je chat dgn kitorg.. after quite a long time waiting kt luar bilik interview tu kitorg kne masuk..

dup.. dap.. dup.. dap.. huhu.. yelahh.. sape x nervous.. even kalau ni my 10th interview pn sure laaa still nervous.. then.. i was the 1st candidate in my group.. the interview goes like this..


-sila perkenalkan diri anda..
-kenapa anda berminat dgn medic?
-kenapa anda memilih untuk belajar di luar negara?
-If u were given a chance tu run a hospital, what will you do?
-differentiate traditional and modern medicine
-should traditional medicine be used in a hospital?
-what is your personal qualities, that JPA should give u this scholarship?
-If u were offered a job there, means.. overseas.. with 3 times the payment compared to Malaysia, will u still come back and serve for this country?

done.. my personal advice.. always take the opportunities to talk first.. sbb nnt xde lahh nmpk mcm curi idea ke ape.. tp jgn lahh asyik kte je yg ckp pulak.. nnt nmpk cm too much laa kn.. then, better ckp sket but ade point rather than merapu pnjg2 but pointless.. try to impress the panels with good language.. show that u have vast knowledge and be confident but not self-centered.. body language and eye contact jage lahh jugak.. jgn nmpk nervous.. lastly.. smile!! huhu.. buat mcm conversation pn oke gak.. xde lahh tense sgt kan..

*p/s: all the best!! hope bnde ni helping sket2.. hehe.. sorry lahh if not..

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