Sunday, June 3, 2012

Colour Clashing #2. Code : Avatar {Water vs Fire}

Assalamualaikum lovelies!
Today's colour clashing experiment : Avatar, The combination of water element and the fire element.
Well, must say that I've come to fancy this colour recently. Terasa macam contrast yet outstanding. Oh, so much love!

I'm wearing: black tee, red skirt (UIA bazaar), turqoise multi-style cardigan (by Hanis Ismail *click to get yours!), red shawl (by Hanis Ismail), diamante black velvet boots (bought in Korea. *Wayy cheaper compared to the price of boots in Malaysia. Well, you should go. And drool. Am tempted to have all of them.), black jeans Prada tote (from Mama).

*Please ignore muka serabai itu. Oh, sangat worn-out.

Actually, this colour coding is inspired by this:

Maya karin; Eh magazine cover photo
Well, this dress is tangerine tapi I think red turns out to be as outstanding jugak kan.

Am thinking of making my baju raya in this colour code. What say you?
Till then, adios! ;)

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