Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my r0om.. juz r0om.. my bedr0om.. whatev~

ari ni.. dgn rasminye.. my r0om daa ade air-c0nd.. i have 2 r0oms.. the 1st 0ne is just my r0om (wif pink c0lor painted wall and cream tiles).. and the 0ther 0ne is my bedr0om (wif cream c0lor painted wall and pink tiles).. the 1st r0om is where i hang0ut all day.. there's all my stuff.. my b0oks.. my cd c0llecti0n.. my ph0to albums.. my barbie d0lls.. my harry p0tter + daniel radcliffe stuff.. my t0ns 0f teddy bears (it's m0re than half 0f my queen-sized bed.. there's hardly a space f0r me t0 sleep lol).. my cl0set.. my dressing table.. my study desk.. my n0teb0ok.. my everything.. and the 0ther r0om is just where i sleep and where i watch tv.. i rarely sleep in my 1st r0om.. n0 reas0n.. juz.. i d0n't sleep there.. and t0day.. s0me guys were here.. they fixed up an airc0nd f0r my 1st r0om.. my m0m and dad's suggesti0n.. but 0n 0ne c0nditi0n.. after this.. i must sleep in my 1st r0om.. s0 sad 0o.. huhu.. jk lol.. adi0s my bedr0om.. and 0wlla my r0om.. juz r0om.. huhu.. and while i was tidying up my r0om.. my juz r0om.. after the airc0nd guys have finished wif the airc0nd thing 0f c0urse.. my m0m t0ld me that i sh0uldn't buy b0oks anym0re after this.. huhu.. c0z i've like t0ns 0f b0oks.. i guess i can build a library wif my b0oks c0llecti0n.. it's three times me.. lol.. i've g0t this much b0oks?? can't believe myself.. huhu.. nway, i'll try t0 st0p myself fr0m this b0ok stuff.. heh.. h0pefully i'll succeed!! btw.. i l0ve my r0om always and f0rever~


Farhan said...

ooo. minat HP rupanyaa..

♥sugArplum♥ said...

mst laa minat.. huhu.. btw.. rajen plak kau bace smpi entry yg ni.. zmn dulu2 pnye pulak~~