Sunday, January 4, 2009


lol.. can hardly describe h0w i feel right n0w.. sad.. happy.. excited.. scared.. i dunn0.. all th0se feelings c0mbined stressed me 0ut.. with the spm c0ming sh0rtly.. yup.. 1 year is sh0rt.. i guess i'm n0t ready yet.. i dunn0.. it's hard t0 tell.. juz that.. if p0ssible, i wanna turn back time.. but i kn0w it's imp0ssible.. 7 weeks 0f sch0ol h0ls juz g0ne.. in a blink.. lol.. and h0w fast is that.. t0m0rr0w i'm g0in back t0 sepintar.. lol.. wish me all the best t0 face this... (d0n't kn0w a suitable v0cab t0 describe) year.. adi0s mi casa.. 0wlla sepintar.. huhu~

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