Friday, March 20, 2009


Your style: confident, energetic, kind, talkative, a total STAR

You have HIGH self esteem, and ur very confident in yourself. In sports or team situations, you would probably be the leader of your team. you like to talk, or you just like talking better than listening to someone else talk. you either dislike/hate fashion, since you'd rather be outdoors and releasing your energy. People like to be your friends because you're a nice person and you're not mean. You care about your friends more than you care about money. And you are somewhat good at telling others their weaknesses and giving them good advice.
Here's some advice for you:
Try listening to other people more often and see how it feels. Since you're so talkative, it might be a pleasant change of heart to experience what it's like to be confided in and let others tell you their worries/secrets without having to worry that you'll spill the beans to the crowd. Be mindful of other people's feelings, and don't try to cheer them up with your high energy level or confidence, because sometimes they want to be with someone calm and quiet when they feel that way. The best way to react if that ever happens is to relax and slow down a little or leave them alone for a while. You are a good center of attention, because while people want to be near you, they don't think you are trying to be self centered or selfish by getting all the glamor. You are part of the reason why people always hang out with you at parties, or want to/wish they were. Sometimes, your life can get a little bumpy and rough, but no matter what, with the help of some of your closest friends, you get through it and redeem your happy life again. Your relationships are usually long term, and caring and warm. You like warm places, and are happy near beaches or sports fields. You like summers A LOT not just because you don't have any school work to do, but also because you get to visit friends and cousins from all over the world! Or just stay at your place and have them come to you. Whatever it is, you're happy and the attention is spiraling up and down around you. You love it. All the attention. You would do great as a movie star, too. Sports are also a big part of your life--whether they're only a hobby or a pastime, they're a great way for you to let out all that energy of yours onto the playing field. Sometimes you and people like you compare life to a sports game. Sometimes its an easy play, most times its tough, but you always have the hope that you'll win. Keep being the awesome person that you are and have the outgoing, energetic, and STAR type style that you have!

Juz want to object one thing... I HATE FASHION??? Never ever true... lol... thought I'm the most typical fashion diva... juz kidding... not a diva... but fashion IS my PASSION... well... whatev... u judge the rest... huhu~

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