Wednesday, November 23, 2011

hiatus; new phase

salam alaik ya akhs wa ukhts =)
it has been a long time since i have put on a gloomy mood on this painkiller. 
thought of enlightening this blog a bit. 
seems quite sepi je kn? 
hehe. yeah, my bad. 
btw, I'll be away for quite some time. 
nnt hanis update psl sana okay? 
i'll try to steal some time from there if possible. 
if not, bear with me. tunggu free la kot. hehe. 
anyway, any idea if i should tuka theme of this blog? blur ni.
and so, goodbye laa then. 
panjang umur, jumpa lagi~
salam alaik.

*p/s:I'll be missing the Gelato Fruity Gelato Galore awwhh.. sobs ;'(

much love,

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