Saturday, December 4, 2010


chill hanis.. but i really don't know what to do.. aku pressure laa.. org ni ckp cmni.. org tu ckp cmtu.. aku tak suka marah2.. tp kdg2 aku marah jugak.. just, ada certain peoples yg aku tak mampu nk marah.. i don't want to ignite the fire.. aku taknak things get worse.. sorry sorry sorry.. sbb aku tak mampu puaskan hati semua org.. and don't i have the rights to express my feelings the way i'm comfortable with? fine, then tell me how should i do it, i'll consider.. but please.. please and please.. jgn pressure aku lg.. yup i may look strong outside.. but i do let out my cry sometimes.. only to certain peoples.. Allah knows better why He made me this way, why He made you this way, and why He made us this way.. yes, i might regret that i met u before but i can't change what's fated.. and how much i regret that, i'm still grateful for that.. and sorry i don't have the guts to leave.. i tried but there's something stopping me to do so.. there's something telling me that there will be something waiting in the future.. i might not know what the thing is but i'm willing to wait.. i've asked Him and He guide me here.. so don't put the blame on me because i might not satisfy what u're looking for.. ask Him and he'll give the answer.. and may u see the truth behind these.. i can only wish.. but i dont have the power to decide.. i leave this to Him.. but i'm still a weak human being.. i cant stop myself from being wrong sometimes.. i admit that i'm easily get hurt.. and sorry for that.. i'll try to improve.. and sorry for making u feel guilty.. i never intend to.. i'll try to improve that as well.. and i do try my best.. i may not give what u need but ask Him for the reason.. for i shall not know better.. sorry and thank you~

*p/s: leave with a smile~

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