Sunday, January 2, 2011


uia semakin melambai dan memanggil manakala cuti kian melangkah pergi.. malas laa.. hmm.. sejarah telah lama terukir.. and she's here to reminisce the moments..

2 Jan 2010; 7.30 a.m.;
patutnye, waktu ni da kne g stadium.. budak plkn laa katakan.. huhu.. tp waktu ni.. brg pn tak siap lg.. punyelaa tak ingin nk g plkn tu.. hehe.. akhirnye.. kul 8.30 baru dia ade kt stadium tu.. buat2 laa mcm ayah anda pnye bus plkn nk lmbt2 pn takpe.. dia juz bwk 1 backpack n 1 luggage.. outfit pulak.. black tshirt.. baggy khakis pants.. muka pulak sikit bedak pn tak letak.. flip flops je dia pakai.. 1st impression of people towards her; rebellious.. but she didn't even care.. lantak laa.. bukan dia mntk pn bnde plkn ni.. heh.. dia tak peduli sape2 pn kt sekeliling dia.. and she also didn't realize that standing right behind her, was someone who will make a big impact in her life, later on.. she got on the bus and sit.. again, that very same dude was sitting right behind her.. both of them knew nothing and not expecting anything.. today, she knows that she has always been wishing to get to know that guy earlier.. how bout that dude? she never knows..

she's all happy to be his girl.. sume start pn in the end of plkn.. dia tak pnah knal pn that guy smpi da nk abis plkn tu.. dia tak pernah pn take any boys as a special someone.. but this time.. her instinct told her that he is the one.. she never knows why.. but she follows everything that was told by her instinct, for they are always right.. dia pn tak pernah expect that he could change her.. yup.. he's a bit of a jerk.. slalu je dia rse nk nangis n pressure because of him.. dia pernah regret her decision to accept him, back then.. tp dia cpt2 sedar.. after all, semua ni dtg dr Dia, and she should never have questioned.. slalu dia fikir.. why him?? padahal he always hurt her.. ntah.. dia takkan pernah ada jawapan untuk itu.. dia bole je blah bila2 dia suka.. there is someone waiting for her anyway.. tp, dia rase mcm ada something that stopped her from leaving.. and again, dia tak tau what is it.. dia tak tau knpe dia perlu stay.. but there's nothing that she could do, other than just.. stay.. she has asked Him.. in fact, she always ask Him.. but she got him as an answer.. so, why put the blame on her anyway.. yes, she deserves a whole lot better guy than him.. but as long as she was concern, she thinks that he's fine anyway.. very fine.. even if others disagree.. she couldn't care less anyway..

today, after a whole year had passed.. she's still with him.. and she's happy to be with him.. nk ckp pasal gaduh, memg jutaan kali laa.. tp, where's the fire kalau everything just go smoothly, right? there're always ups and downs.. too many if referred to them.. but she's fine with it.. all she knows that she shouldn't give up on anything.. she knows just very well, what's right and what's not.. she smiles all the hard way.. but the smile don't always represent happiness.. maybe.. just maybe.. she's very good at lying.. and hiding her feelings.. she cries in her sleep.. all alone.. no one knows.. dia tak kesa mcm mne pn the boy.. dia taktau knpe dia sgt amenable.. all she knows, she just go with the flow.. and she's certain that the flow will lead her to happiness.. one day.. when is that day? she's willing to wait even if it takes forever.. and again, she can't find the reason of her being so willing to do so.. she never knows.. he doesn't even have any slightest idea.. they couldn't think of any valid explanation, or possibilities.. and me? i'm just the one who tells the story.. of her.. of him.. of them.. and probably, of us.. ;)

*p/s: you shouldn't guess! xoxo~


Azuan Salim said...

good one. hope that she will have courage to stay strong..

♥sugArplum♥ said...

hopefully.. the boy is the only one who ever saw her crying.. she never appear that way in front of any other people.. she only let out her weaknesses to the boy..