Sunday, February 13, 2011


Is it a fault to have a bit of reliability on someone else at times, when you're already in a relationship with someone?

Preserving loyalty is hardcore,dear.. And I do need you to lend a hand in doing so. Please, just by being there is helpful enough. because, sincerely,  you know.. and i know.. that the one i need is just you.. what i saw in the other person is you.. eventhough i know i'm talking with someone else, what i think about is you.. i really wish that the one i'm talking to is really you.

Be there for her, before she seeks for someone else.. And don't even let her do that. She's not that strong, and she needs someone beside her sometimes. Ensure that person is you.. And don't even let someone else take your place.. Who knows if she might loose your grip.. her love is just for you.. mark that in mind.. but when you're not around, and she desperately need a shoulder to cry on.. she does try her best to wait for you.. but there's also something called 'perfect timing', when someone is there.. at the right moment, at the right place.. to be exact, with her.. it's not for you to blame her... but just by being there will assure you to have her love for you.. and only you.. She's yours.. so, be hers..

she's already feeling guilty now.. and she's so sorry that she looks for someone else to spill her misery.. but that someone else.. she promise, won't have her heart.. because after all, her heart and love is all yours.. and only yours..

-writing this in the state of a guilty mind, Hanis-

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