Wednesday, February 2, 2011

perspectives of beauty

he is good-looking btw.. very2 attractive..

different people have different perspectives.. contoh terdekat.. aku n roommates ku.. tiga2 org look forward to different types of guy to be classified as good looking.. klaka laa discuss pasal bnde ni sbnrnye.. haha..

bila tgh jalan2.. 
fadi; comel laa mamat tu!! hanis; taknak pandang.. hahaha.. ati; aku tak suka pn..

situasi yang lain..
hanis; hot stuff!!! badan dia best.. haha.. fadi n ati; gemuk laa.. hanis; tough laaa!!!

and another one..
ati; uuuu.. handsome! hanis; kepeng laa.. kurus kering je.. fadi; biasa je.. tu 'blues untuk kau' je!! HAHAHA..

okay.. this is HOT! haha..

good looking from hanis's point of view;
-tall.. 180cm is cool enough.. so that i could wear high heels all the time.. and i l0oo0ove stilettos!
-muscular.. hot bod.. i lo0ve athletes.. expecially rugby players.. they have hot bods okay..
-broad shoulders.. so that, his could match mine.. heeee~
-jaws are fabulous.. they accentuate the masculinity of a man.. fewh.. haha.. aku suka gila lahh dgn jaws.. addicted kot.. bole tenung lama2.. erk.. creepy pulak..
-dimples.. kalau aku tgh marah pn.. tgk lesung pipit je bole hilang marah kott.. haha..
-lips.. aku suka tgk lips yg nmpk sdp.. taktau knpe.. caer lahh!! bahaya btol.. huhu..
-the hair plays an important role as well eh.. spike ke moppy.. ke tak kesa laa.. asalkan stylo lahh.. jgn bg aku affro dah laa.. memg aku botakkan je nnt.. hehe..
-eyes.. seductive is gorgeous.. memg kasi melekat laa aku dgn that guy.. uuu.. aku suka sgt tgk mata.. bole fall in love head over heels over the gaung pn bole jatuh lahh.. haiisshh.. haha..
-big hands.. i feel protected. period.
-nice smell.. included in good looking.. i love a guy to smell sexy.. heee..

hey! aku curi gambar kau lg lahh.. hahah..

*p/s: ni bukan characteristic of my romeo skrg eh.. let's just say that i'm lucky enough that i got him, who fulfills all the characteristics.. you may call me the happiest lady in the world.. you may also say that i'm exaggerating.. but this is truely through the perspective of me.. ;)

fadi; she prefers korean guys.. or comel2 guys.. sometimes with rambut kerinting.. which is totally not my type..

ati; dia nk blues utk dia sorg je.. muka baek2.. muka pendiam.. haha.. surely, not my type as well..
handsome! heeee~~

hence, all of us have clearly different opinions about how good people look. *wink wink*

but of all people, these are the most gorgeous ones in my life.. LOVE u all!

*p/s:we love each other very well, thank you.


Azuan Salim said...

awww........aku suke. heeeee...

♥sugArplum♥ said...

hee.. aku suke jugak! ;)

Azuan Salim said...

hahaha...thanks dear.

♥sugArplum♥ said...
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♥sugArplum♥ said...

you're welcome! =)