Monday, February 14, 2011


hanis.. knpe susa sgt nk chill lately ni.. org ckp sket, da trase.. since when u're like this, girl.. kau bukan pnah amik kesa pn apa org buat or ckp kt kau.. he'd done nothing.. NOTHING dear.. so, knpe kjp2 nk trase.. trase sbb apa pn ntah laa.. it's just the feeling of disappointment.. no.. i think it's that u're just feeling lonely.. you want someone but he can't be there.. tkpelaa.. bukan salah dia pn.. salah kau yg mengada sgt tu knpe.. takkan laa spnjg masa nk dia ada dgn kau.. yg serabut sgt ni knpe.. apsal mcm tak tenang langsung ni.. pastu suka merepek ape2 tah.. hanis, wake up.. kau tgh exam.. tau, tgh exam tak bole mcm ni.. tp mne nk tau serabut2 ni nk dtg time ni.. tolong laa.. you won't want the same thing to happen right? you know exactly what i mean.. lpas tu lately knpe mcm fake gila.. yg acuh tak acuh je melayan org knpe tah.. kesian org.. kalau kau nmpk happy pn, i know it's not you.. it's FAKE.. totally bogus.. hanis, knpe mcm ni? taktau.. kau memg dari dulu semua pn taktau kn.. annoying.. i know.. and kau memg da tak tumbuk2 dinding kalau bengang.. tp kau buat apa? u still hurt urself.. yg kasi calar2 tgn tu knpe? where's the hanis that i know? u're not that heartless girl i know anymore.. kau skrg mcm lost.. why.. what happened.. taktau.. hanis, ape kau nak sbnrnye.. knpe kacau dia.. jgn laa kacau dia.. dia busy tu.. and jgn nk harap sgt dia akan ada.. no one is able to be there all the time for you dear.. only Allah wills.. seek for him.. da cari.. tp knpe still mcm ni.. chill.. chill.. and chill.. you don't know the reason of all this.. i know that kau sdiri pn tgh confuse.. focus dear.. get back on track.. move on.. i know that u being like this has totally nothing to do with him.. kau ada masalah sdiri.. and you need him.. but u're not the kind of girl yg tau nk spill probs kt org.. kau nk dia ada.. bukan sbb kau nk solve ur probs.. kau just need someone to cling on.. u know when u have him by ur side kau akan rse secured and chill sikit.. but that's not solving the problem.. that's running away from it.. and you've never been like this before.. where's the courage, girl? u're turning into someone else.. please.. come back.. wake up.. they want you like who you used to be.. the great hanis.. please.. i beg you.. be strong.. and stop hurting yourself by doing something reckless.. that won't do you any good either.. come on girl.. you know you can do it better..

-love, your lost soul, that always want you back-

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