Sunday, May 20, 2012

Colour Clashing #1. Code : Capsicum

Assalamualaikum pretty ladies! (and gentlemen)

Since I'm in a quite long semester break with nothing to do but being online, go through the tons of novels that I bought, makeover itu dan ini, experimenting with fashion, designing new outfits (<3), hangouts here and there, so on and so forth, so here you go.

And since takde buat apa sgt, maka selalulah hangout here and there. and kalau rajin nak melawa2, insyaAllah I'll snap some pics and put it here. but don't put the expectations up too high! I'm not that much of a fashion expert aite? but I'll just share my fashion sense I guess, which is, somehow reflecting my mood pada masa kejadian. heheh..

Semalam chat dengan Fadi and she said that when she tried on her chilli red cardigan with her dark turqoise skirt, angah dia kata "Kenapa colour coding kau mcm autism sgt ni?" so, when I was about to go out, Fadi suggested that I wear my army green skirt with something red. As an experiment kot. huhu.. So, it turns out like this;

See? Fadi said it's nice! tak autism pun. haha.. *I wonder lahh mana Angah Fadi dpt idea nak cakap Fadi look 'autism'ed. hahaha..
*p/s: ignore my serabutness in this photo.

What I wore: chilli red t-shirt (Mama punya in her teenage years. Boy, isn't that long ago?) ; army green flare skirt (some bazaar in uia) ; white sleeveless cardigan (also belongs to Mama which she bought like 15 years ago?) ; cheetah printed peep toe pumps (crocs) ; cheetah printed satchel (bought in Korea) ; printed red-green scarf (from Amir) ; mixed bangles and pendants.

As you can see, I usually mix & match my outfits. Hey, nothing's more fun than that isn't it? And I usually curi my mama punya baju sebab boy, I tell you, she has like zillions of stuffs. And we share everything (yeay!) because we have nearly the same sizes for everything. And I can say that my mama is still stylish and young despite her age and her daughter who's already this besar gedabak. haha..

see? Told ya she's young. And more tak aci, she's pretty! *envy. haha..

Anyhow, I think the red goes well with green. And aku rasa colour coding aku tak lah ke laut mana pun. So, what say you? And I think Fadi still should try her red cardi with her turqoise skirt. pair it right and you go girl! ;)

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