Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Note this.

You're saying that it's unfair for them? So, it's fair for me who had struggled my whole 17 years of life and simply due to some silly mistakes at one point here, I was treated as if I've never lived that past 17 years. I see... Now, that's how fair you are. Very much appreciated then. Patutlah orang kata tak perlu study sampai dapat straight As dalam UPSR, PMR, SPM semua tu, hanya perlu digest buku 100% dan dapat 4flat in foundation.. I see... So, why not you tell people to tak perlu pergi sekolah pun takpe, terus je masuk foundation and telan je segala yang ada dalam syllabus hanya untuk dimuntahkan masa exam kemudian dapat 4flat. Result2 masa sekolah tu bukan boleh pakai in later life pun. In your opinion, this is exactly it. kan? but then again, no matter what is done to get rid of people like me, if it's meant for me, then it is. He never let me down, and He won't this time as well kan? I have faith. And I'll let fate decides~

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