Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Arrival; Multi-Style Cardigan. Simply Stylish! Now open for orders.

Assalamualaikum lovelies!
Yes, you read the title right.
Introducing, our new hot item; multi-style cardigan.

yes, this one plain cardigan can be styled into so many looks. Scroll down to view more!

Style #1 : Short pullback hoodie

Style #2 : Short loose hoodie

Style #3 : Short loose

Style #4 : Long loose

Style #5 : Long hoodie

Style #6 : Kimono wrap

Style #7 : Cape

And these are only some of the ways of styling this cardigan.

Some of the available colours to choose from. You can request for ANY COLOURS that you want, including the colours which are not stated here.

Tempting kan? You'll be so into this that you'll wear this everyday I tell you.
Sue me for doing so. Tapi, of course laa I ada few of these kann.. So, takde laa tiap2 hari tak basuh ;p
Now, a bit description on this cardigan. Malas baca? Tak kira. You all kena jugak baca. muahahaha..

Custom made. Now it's open for orders!

Made from high quality japanese lycra cotton or korean lycra cotton (subject to availability of material)

Very flexible. Fit from XS to XL.

You can request for any colours that you want.

Can be styled in many ways. You may request for personal tutorial for the styles, or simply play around with your creativity to style it yourself too!

Affordable RM70 per piece only (excluding postage)! Market price of these kind of cardigans is usually RM90++. Tak percaya pergi search. hehe.. I jual murah ni.. Custom made. Siap bole request any length and colours lagi tau. ;)

So, PM me to place your order now! ;D

*I'm 163cm tall, and if worn with Style #4 or #5, it is calf-length. You can adjust the length according to your preference. 

*P/S: please ignore the model amatur tidak bertauliah dan tidak berbayar. hewhewhew~

Dah habis baca? Okay now, cepat2 order because I'm getting my hands full on this! And, do tell me yea kalau tak faham on how to style this. I'll make a video kot senang sikit kan? So, thank you for reading! Assalamualaikum =)

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